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 “My Parent Association members want mental health speakers, but there are so many options out there. I need an engaging speaker who will give concrete tips, not just talk about theory."


“I am seeing so much anxiety in my classroom. I need classroom-friendly tools to take the stress level down." 

“It feels like I spend most of my days trying to get school refusing students into the building. I can’t be everywhere at once.” 

Schools have become the front lines of the youth mental health crisis

With years of experience in independent and public schools, we have an intimate understanding of the needs of mental health staff, teachers, and school-based parent associations. We might be a fit for your group if:

  • You and/or your team feel overwhelmed and burned out by the constant hustle of trying to find ways to support anxious kids, including those struggling to attend school. You want a focused, effective toolkit that takes the guesswork out of tricky situations. 

  • Youth anxiety and stress was not a primary part of why you went into teaching, but it has become a significant focus of your work. You feel like you are playing catch up in understanding how anxiety works and what you can do to help. 

  • Your members are eager for evidence-based information and concrete tips to support the stressed out, anxious kids in their lives. 



Supporting Anxious Students

Adult-focused Strategies to Help Your Anxious Student(s) Live More Fully and Have More Fun!

Develop an understanding of the “anatomy” of child anxiety, including why it occurs and what keeps it going. Learn and practice evidence-based tools to help the anxious students in your life unstick from worry thoughts and practice bravery.



Survive and Thrive

How to Help Your Student(s) Develop Independence, Self Reliance, and Resilience in Today’s High Stress World

Learn how stress and worry can impact kids and negatively influence the development of resilience. Develop tools to combat this cycle in your family or classroom and foster independent, self reliant students).


When Good Isn’t Good Enough

Tips and Tricks for Supporting your Perfectionistic Student(s)

Learn how perfectionism works and what educators and parents can do to disrupt the perfectionistic cycle in students.


Coping Skills for Big Emotions

Tools to Help Your Student(s) Navigate Tough Emotional Moments

Understand how and why big emotion moments happen for kids (and grown ups!). Learn and practice adult-focused and child-focused tools to handle tough moments with intention.


Custom Workshop

We have created a variety of custom presentations for  groups with a particular interest, including peer conflict, building and maintaining a strong relationship with your child, parent child communication, and more! 


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