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Pediatric Providers

The current child mental health crisis and shortage of therapists has rocked the pediatric outpatient world.

My workshops and/or clinical consultations might be a fit for your group if:

  • You are managing more and more anxious patients and families and need tools to support them in addition to medication. 

  • Responding to the needs of anxious patients has become a major part of your day to day efforts and you need an in-office framework for how to help.

  • You have some go-to approaches for helping anxious patients and families, but want to grow your tool kit and/or learn the kind of skills therapists use. 

Our Services


Treating Anxiety 101

Mastery in Anxiety Management Skills

Transform your practice’s approach to mental health through a deep dive on the most impactful CBT therapy skills for anxiety and OCD, adapted for a pediatric primary care setting. The workshops include step by step guidance on teaching essential CBT skills to patients and families as well as supporting materials and resources.


Toddler Toolkit

Empowering Parents in the Early Years

Parents and pediatric providers alike face a dizzying array of online advice for supporting positive behaviors in young children. This workshop cuts through the noise and teaches the most up-to-date, evidence-based practices around behavior management, discipline, sleep, eating, and more in the early years! 


Custom Workshop

Customized Workshops for Unique Challenges

Recognizing the diverse needs of families and the pediatric practices who serve them, we offer a bespoke workshop service tailored to your specific interests and challenges.  Past topics include supporting perfectionistic patients, building resilience, managing big emotions, and more! 

“I normally get my parenting tips from Instagram which I know can push some suspect content. It was so helpful to have Dr. Martin Burch teach us tools that are based in research and even help us practice live at the workshop.”

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Get in touch today to discuss how we can support your practice

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