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Parents in the Workplace

From morning meltdowns and bedtime challenges to school refusal and social anxiety, modern parenting can be incredibly stressful.
That worry and stress follows parents to the workplace, costing employers millions in reduced productivity and missed days. 

My workshops and/or clinical consultations might be a fit for your group if:

  • Your employee-parents are stressed out from the challenges of full time work and parenting.

  • You want them to feel heard and to be able to offer them support with the parent challenges that follow them to the office. 

  • You are working hard to retain diverse talent, yet know that, all too often, women step back or leave the workforce due to parenting challenges.

  • You want to offer your employees concrete resources to help ease their parenting stress so they can refocus on work. 

  • You are mindful that many companies offer perks for parents as part of recruiting and retaining talent.

  • You want give your groups’ members high quality programming that you can trust. 

Dr. Martin Burch has particular interest and experience in working with parents in healthcare settings. Please contact her for more information on bringing us to your department or clinic!

Our Services

Bring us to your workplace for virtual workshops or onsite lunch and learns


Supporting Anxious Kids

Adult-focused Strategies to Help Your Anxious Child Live More Fully and Have More Fun!


Develop an understanding of the “anatomy” of child anxiety, including why it occurs and what keeps it going. Learn and practice evidence-based tools to help your anxiety child unstick from worry thoughts and practice bravery.


Survive and Thrive

How to Help Your Child Develop Independence, Self Reliance, and Resilience in Today’s High Stress World

Learn how stress and worry can impact kids and negatively influence the development of resilience. Develop tools to combat this cycle in your family and foster independent, self reliant kids.


When Good Isn’t Good Enough

Tips and Tricks for Supporting your Perfectionistic Child

Learn how perfectionism works and what parents can do to disrupt the perfectionistic cycle in kids.


Coping Skills for Big Emotions

Tools to Help Your Child Navigate Tough Emotional Moments.


Understand how and why big emotion moments happen for kids (and grown ups!). Learn and practice adult-focused and child-focused tools to handle tough moments with intention.


Custom Workshop

We have created a variety of custom presentations for  groups with a particular interest, including peer conflict, building and maintaining a strong relationship with your child, parent child communication, and more! 

“Issues with my kids are always at the back of my mind during the work day. It was such a gift to have protected time to learn strategies and to connect with my colleagues around parenting challenges.”


“I normally get my parenting tips from Instagram which I know can push some suspect content. It was so helpful to have Dr. Martin Burch teach us tools that are based in research and even help us practice live at the workshop.”


“Dr. Martin Burch gave a very high quality workshop and teaches in such a relatable, engaging way. We plan to bring her back to our department as often as we can!”

Meeting in an office

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